How To Awaken Your Talent & Purpose

In life, you're either on the way or in the way. Oftentimes, we're holding ourselves back because we don't recognize who we are. We underutilize our biggest talents and overlook our purpose. We lack the self-awareness and emotional intelligence needed to get out of a slump and create a new direction with our lives. You have a talent. You have a purpose. 

This course is designed to give you tools and resources to confidently move forward, knowing that you're headed the right direction because you've discovered just who you are. You will learn to recognize your value and build confidence to achieve a life that aligns with your purpose.

 The objectives of this course are to: 

  • Understand how to physically and mentally prepare for self-discover
  • Awaken dormant areas of your life that fuel strength and value
  • Establish a guiding vision for your life
  • Increase emotional intelligence to live more intentional
  • Recognize your personal value and power
  • Identify the characteristics that make up your best self

Who this course is designed for:

  • Professionals that have fallen into frustration and complacency with their careers, seeking a way to change the trajectory of their lives
  • Students that recently graduated and looking to enter the workforce
  • Business executives that desire continuous improvement in the area of personal development for themselves and their work teams
  • Individuals that aspire to develop personally and professionally by tapping into their talent and purpose

Course includes:

  • 17 videos that teach the principles of how to awaken your talent and purpose
  • 17 Audio downloads (one for each video) to listen to on the go
  • Downloadable worksheet and resources
  • 100% money back guarantee within 30 days if not completely satisfied