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Transition of Fundraisers Unite: A Farewell to an Impactful Chapter in the Nonprofit Community

After four years of empowering the nonprofit community, it is with a mix of nostalgia and gratitude that I announce the transition of Fundraisers Unite, effective August 1, 2023. When Fundraisers Unite was launched in 2019, the vision was to create a platform that would revolutionize the way fundraisers collaborate, learn, and grow. I am immensely proud of the journey I embarked upon and the accomplishments achieved over these years.

From the onset, my plan was to assess and evaluate the platform's effectiveness over a period of three years. I wanted to ensure that Fundraisers Unite was truly making a significant and sustainable impact in the nonprofit sector. During this time, I was humbled to witness the platform grow into a supportive community that fostered innovation, learning, and networking.

After careful consideration, I have made the difficult decision to discontinue new activity within Fundraisers Unite. The landscape of online curriculum and learning opportunities for nonprofits has evolved significantly since the inception of Fundraisers Unite, and I believe it is time to gracefully conclude this chapter. I will continue working with nonprofits as I have for the past 10+ years; however, it will no longer be under the umbrella of Fundraisers Unite. 

I am committed to preserving the spirit of Fundraisers Unite and ensuring that its legacy continues to thrive by transitioning the content into an online resource library available at no cost. This means that all video training, templates, and tip sheets will be available as free resources. Price is always a barrier to nonprofit education, so my hope is that nonprofits will benefit from this barrier removal. 

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to every member of the Fundraisers Unite community, both past and present. Your passion, engagement, and unwavering commitment have been the driving force behind this platform's success. The relationships forged, the lessons learned, and the impact made are immeasurable, and I am truly honored to have been part of your journey.

As I bid farewell to Fundraisers Unite, my consultative and speaking work will continue. There is more impact left to be made, and that is where my focus lies.

Thanks for your support over the years!

-       Jeremy

 P.S. As Fundraisers Unite fades to black, you can continue to access new content by following me here

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