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Help Your Team Find Its EDGE in Business & Life

Teams and work groups are made up of individual people. Each brings their own experience, personalities, strengths, and baggage.  Teams thrive when the individuals are on a path of purpose and personal development.

EDGE Academy™ provides immersive and transformative leadership workshops designed to push the limit of your potential. EDGE Academy is a dynamic program that combines:
☑️ Interactive sessions

☑️ Practical exercises

☑️ Thought-provoking discussions

The goal is to equip your employees with the skills, mindset, and tools necessary to excel personally and professionally in today's rapidly changing world.

Everybody has an EDGE, now is the time to find yours.


📝 Workshop Examples

All workshops are customized to fit your unique needs and audience. After an initial discovery call, Jeremy will get to work on his message, workshop agenda, and activities. This helps to ensure that outcomes from the workshop directly contribute to your company's success. The following are workshop examples: 

📒 Finding Your EDGE - this signature workshop puts together the principles of Jeremy's book, "Finding Your EDGE," into action, helping you become more focused, productive, and purposeful.

⏸️ Power of the Pause - In a busy, demanding world of work and home responsibilities, time is on a never-ending loop. This workshop forces a pause and creates time to reflect and elevate your goals and leadership.

📱 Overcoming Weapons of Mass Distraction - productivity workshop that will help you learn how to sharpen your focus and stop doing the things that delay your impact

⏰ How to Awaken Your Talent & Purpose - gain emotional intelligence and hone in on your talents and passions

⚔️ The Goal Gauntlet - walk through the process of setting goals that actually get accomplished

🥷 The Art of Mastering Discipline - learn productivity tools and tips that keep you disciplined, even on the days you don't feel like it

⚖️ Finding Balance in an Imbalanced Life - dive into Jeremy's "5 Forces of Balance" and learn how to measure balance in your life along with how to improve it 

🦹 Unleashing Your Superpower - identify your life experiences that became your strengths and perceived liabilities, then gain insight on how to leverage these to uncover confidence and strength that have been dormant in your life

🏅 Best-Self Action Plan - walk through exercises and assessments that help you become aware of characteristics that define you at your best, then put a plan together to live with intent

💙 One Team - this powerful teaming workshop puts vulnerability front and center, neutralizes the environment, and leads to deeper understanding, trust, and productivity

💎 Why EDGE Academy

Jeremy's diverse life experiences have enabled him to connect with and relate to individuals from various backgrounds. He's followed his childhood dream, experienced loss, worked in corporate environments, experienced unemployment, and started multiple companies as an entrepreneur. This relatability is important because the more a trainer can connect with the audience, the deeper the impact will be. 

As a 2X best-selling author, Jeremy has created several tactics and frameworks that have been utilized by companies to increase revenue and employee productivity. His workshops are designed to extend this impact in powerful, transformative sessions, working directly with organizations.

Workshop Features

  1. Engaging Presentations: Jeremy approaches each workshop as if he were in the audience. What would he want to see? What would keep him engaged? He shares invaluable insights, personal experiences, and proven strategies for effective leadership and personal growth.

  2. Interactive Group Activities: Through interactive group activities, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with those around you, fostering teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. These activities provide a supportive environment for hands-on learning and enable you to maximize the impact of the training.

  3. Self-Reflection Exercises: Many EDGE Academy™ workshops include self-reflection exercises to help you gain emotional intelligence. This may include group breakouts and discussions.

Workshop Benefits

  1. Enhanced Leadership Skills: An EDGE Academy principle is "improve the person, improve the leader." This means that each workshop is designed for personal development first, then leadership follows. You will develop practical skills that can be immediately applied in your professional and personal life. 
  2. Increased Self-Awareness: By engaging in self-reflection exercises, you will gain valuable insights and emotional intelligence. This heightened self-awareness will enable you to lead with confidence and authenticity.
  3. Continuous Growth and Development: The workshop serves as a catalyst for ongoing personal and professional growth. Armed with new knowledge, skills, and perspectives, you will be equipped to continuously adapt to evolving challenges, seize opportunities, and drive positive change within your organization.

Who We Work With 

 EDGE Academy™ can provide personal development and leadership workshops for the following:

  • Executive Teams
  • Corporations
  • Nonprofits
  • Associations
  • College & Professional Sports Teams
  • Government Agencies
  • Employee Workshops

💬 Testimonials 

"Jeremy kept everything engaging and was very knowledgeable and professional. He was a great choice for our conference!"

- Emily

"Jeremy presents relative content that is relatable and keeps things from going stagnant with interactive survey questions, small group breakouts, as well as little games."

- Jeff

"Jeremy was fun and engaging. Also, the book and workshop are excellent compliments!"

- Karen

"Engaging speaker, knowledgeable and passionate. This was a great session and I know I’ll take some specific things away immediately."

- Wendy

"Very personable and engaging, fun and informative."

- Cassie

"The presenter was very engaging and while he covered a lot of topics and scenarios, he was able to keep me focused and I never felt lost during the presentation."

- Madeline

"Jeremy was amazing! He not only explained what should be done but why it should be done. He did not disappoint."

- Caitlyn

"Great information and I love the simple tools to get started.  I now have a framework to guide staff from assessment, improving and implementation."

- Gina

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