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Are You a Nonprofit Consultant or Do You Work for a Fundraising Agency?

Help your clients gain more digital fundraising knowledge and increase your revenue incrementally. 

Let's Make a Difference Together! Join My Online Course Affiliate Program


  • INCREMENTAL REVENUE: Earn 50% commission on each course registration or monthly membership. There is no cap on the number of course registrations or memberships, so income potential is unlimited.
  • QUICK PAYMENT: Payment released to you after 30-day No-Risk course timeframe. PayPal is recommended for payout, but not required. 
  • EASY TRACKING: You or your agency will have a unique assigned URL for course registrations. 
  • QUICK, EASY REGISTRATION:  Once you become an affiliate, all you need is an email address and credit card to sign up your clients as registrants for the course.
  • ONBOARDING & CONTINUED SUPPORT:  If you have any questions or concerns with setup, processes, or payment, individual help is available via phone or email. Also, if you need help creating assets or offers, you've got help!


  • EASY TO UNDERSTAND VIDEOS:  The course content is created for beginner and intermediate digital fundraisers in mind. As such, all learning material is broken down into easily understandable and digestible chunks of information.
  • 24/7 COURSE ACCESS: Once registered, your clients will have their own individual login to access the course on any device at any time.
  • 4.5 CFRE POINTS: The Digital Fundraising Blueprint course is approved for 4.5 CFRE points upon completion, which may be important to some of your clients to obtain their continuing education credits. Other courses and memberships do not have CFRE points associated with them.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS: Courses that are a one-time charge also include lifetime access. Your clients will have access for the lifetime of the course.
  • BATTLE-TESTED CONTENT:  All courses and member subscriptions services are created by a digital fundraiser that helped generated over $100 million in online revenue for nonprofits. The strategies, tactics, and tips in the courses come from real experience, not from what was read in a blog or heard second-hand.


  • DIGITAL FUNDRAISING BLUEPRINT: This course is normally priced at $299, your commission would be $149.50 per sign-up. This means that if you have just 4 sign-ups a month, then you'd earn $7,176 in a year! See the course.
  • 21 DAY DIGITAL FUNDRAISING QUICK-START: This course is normally priced at $99, your commission would be $49.50 per sign-up. This means that if you have just 7 sign-ups a month, then you'd earn $4,158 in a year! See the course.
  • FUNDRAISERS UNITE: The monthly base membership is normally priced at $29 and annual membership is $299, your commission would be $14.50/mo or $149.50, respectively per sign-up. This means that if you have just 5 sign-ups for monthly memberships, then you could earn $5,655 in a year! See the course.

About the Instructor

Hi, I'm Jeremy Haselwood, author of the best-selling book "The Digital Fundraising Blueprint," available on Amazon. I've led digital strategies for nonprofit organizations in the realm of human services, animal care, healthcare, food banks, rescue missions, disaster response and more. Overall, my strategies have helped generate over $100 million, which translates to more good being done in the world.

My goal is to empower others like you to make an impact by providing resources and tools for digital fundraising. Join me in my quest to make the world a better place!

CFRE Disclaimer

Full participation in the Digital Fundraising Blueprint is applicable for 4.5 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Participation in the Digital Fundraising Blueprint may assist you in learning or reviewing concepts covered on the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) examination as detailed on the Test Content Outline provided by CFRE International. CFRE International does not sponsor or endorse any educational programs and the Digital Fundraising Blueprint was not developed in conjunction with CFRE International.