Talent & Purpose Accelerator

Talent and Purpose. You use one to achieve the other. Are you aware of your talents, and is there a purpose that drives your life? Are you ready to finally take charge of your life, rather than allowing life to take charge of you? This is the difference between making an meaningful impact in the world or fading into a sea of insignificance. 

In this course, Jeremy Haselwood lays out the foundation of his E.D.G.E. Academy personal development program that is designed to provide a higher quality of life by maximizing your talent and purpose. 

The objectives of this course are to: 

  1. Help you understand where you are today and how you got there
  2. Learn the 5 areas of life that must be balanced for you to achieve success
  3. Set goals in these 5 areas that will begin to recharge your life
  4. Learn techniques to measure success in important areas of your life
  5. Introduce a framework that will help you maximize your talent and purpose

Who this course is designed for:

  • Professionals that have fallen into frustration and complacency with their careers, seeking a way to change the trajectory of their lives
  • Students that recently graduated and looking to enter the workforce
  • Business executives that desire continuous improvement in the area of personal development for themselves and their work teams
  • Individuals that aspire to develop personally and professionally by tapping into their talent and purpose

Course includes:

  • 12 videos
  • 12 Audio downloads (one for each video) to listen to on the go
  • Downloadable Excel Log to track success


 Note: Even though the button says "Purchase Offer," this course is 100% free. I have no way of editing the words on the button....so "purchase" the free offer! :)

- Jeremy