E.D.G.E. Academy Full Program


(Limited time offer to celebrate launch of E.D.G.E. Academy)

E.D.G.E. Academy is a personal development program that provides tools, frameworks, resources, and techniques to maximize your talent and purpose. This course is designed to move you from Point A of complacency and going through the motions to Point B, where you are living your purpose through your talents. 

This is not a prosperity course of how to get rich. It's a course about looking at your life, examining who you are and how to create a new life that is full of joy. It's a course that takes you through a journey of eliminating distractions, discovering yourself, generating goals, and enacting discipline. That's the E.D.G.E. model, and that's the difference between living a meaningful life or existing in a mediocre life. 

When you finish this program, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to get unstuck from a life of complacency, frustration, and struggle
  • Charge towards your goals from a position of purpose and confidence
  • Understand how to structure your lifestyle for growth and achievement
  • Discover the areas of life that require the most balance, and how imbalance in these areas will delay success

Because this program will:

  • Outline techniques and tools that help discover your talents and purpose
  • Share an effective framework for developing a vision along with the steps to accomplish and measure attainment of the vision
  • Uncover four important actions that are the difference between success and failure

Who this course is designed for:

  • Professionals that have fallen into frustration and complacency with their careers, seeking a way to change the trajectory of their lives
  • Students that recently graduated and looking to enter the workforce
  • Business executives that desire continuous improvement in the area of personal development for themselves and their work teams
  • Individuals that aspire to develop personally and professionally by tapping into their talent and purpose

Course includes:

  • 98+ videos that walk you through tip, tools, assessments, and frameworks to maximize your talent and purpose
  • 85+ Audio downloads (one for each video) to listen to on the go
  • 7+ Downloadable personal development frameworks and worksheets 
  • Automatic access to new content when added to courses
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied within the first 30 days