E.D.G.E. Academy

This life-changing course contains 5 modules that take you from stuck to soaring by maximizing your talent and purpose. 

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Course Features & Benefits

90+ Course Videos

Live action and voiceover training videos

90+ Audio Files

MP3's of the video courses to listen on the go

7+ Resource Downloads

Downloadable frameworks and resource sheets

E.D.G.E. Academy Training Modules

MODULE 1: Talent & Purpose Accelerator

Get unstuck. Learn how to structure your life in 5 different areas in order to maximize your talent and purpose.

During the journey of personal development and transformation, we all need a starting point. This course lays the foundation to move you from a state of being stuck to activating your talent and purpose. 

MODULE 2: Winning at Productivity & Focus

Disarm weapons of mass distraction and clear the path for personal growth, productivity, and success. 

Believe it or not, you do have a gift. Don't let distraction be the reason your talents are minimized and purpose unfilled. Learn the secrets that will help you stay focused and accomplish more. 

MODULE 3:  How to Awaken Your Talent & Purpose

Mine passion from your mountain of talent. Awaken dormant areas of your life that actually fuel your personal strength and value. 

Your passions can change, your talents can evolve, but your purpose is your purpose. This course provides a pathway to discovering your best-self that will enable you to charge forward in a position of strength and confidence.

MODULE 4:  The Goal Gauntlet 

This is the process to accomplish any goal. It's advanced training on setting, accomplishing, and measuring goals with a proven framework. 

Learn how to apply Jeremy's trademarked framework that has helped $1 billion+ companies increase revenue, but will also help you not just set personal goals, but stick to them and track success along the way. Warning: this course may change your life. 

MODULE 5:  The Art of Mastering Discipline

How to ignite your passion, even when you don't feel like it. 

Ever made a New Year's resolution, just to be back to old habits before the end of the month? The best made plans mean nothing without executing them...consistently. This E.D.G.E. Academy capstone course unlocks the door or mastering discipline when things get tough.

Who Should Take E.D.G.E. Academy

  • Professionals that have fallen into frustration and complacency with their careers, seeking a way to change the trajectory of their lives

  • Students that recently graduated and looking to enter the workforce

  • Business executives that desire continuous improvement in the area of personal development for themselves and their work teams

  • Individuals that aspire to develop personally and professionally by tapping into their talent and purpose

NO RISK, 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days if not satisfied for any reason with this training. No questions asked.