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Digital Marketing Expert & Best-Selling Life Transformation Author


Personality + Fun + Thought Leadership 

Jeremy Haselwood is a 2X Best-selling author with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, but that's not even the starting point of what he brings to your audience. His fun, laid-back style is appreciated by audiences as he delivers his interviews with candor and wit, like sitting at the table with a good friend. 

His life experiences have been anything but typical, which he draws from to connect with people from all different backgrounds. From leaving his home state to pursue his dream at 20 years old, to working in the corporate world, dabbling in the music industry, then entrepreneurship, Jeremy is full of life lessons and insights. 

Jeremy’s latest book, Finding Your EDGE: How to Unlock Your Talent & Purpose, debuted at #2 on the Life Transformation book charts.

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✅ Podcast Topics

Digital Marketing | Nonprofit Fundraising | Personal Development & More

Jeremy Haselwood best-selling author

Below are just some of the topics that Jeremy can speak to your audience about. Want to learn more? Contact Jeremy to book a Discovery call. 

  • Nonprofit Fundraising: Strategies and tactics he used to help generate over $150 million online for nonprofits
  • Self-Publishing: The journey of self-publishing and how he became a best-selling author
  • Betting on Yourself: Leaving his home state at age 20 to pursue his dream in the music industry in Atlanta
  • Learning from Failure: How getting booed off the stage at the Apollo actually helped him in life
  • Starting a Business: Battling unemployment and uncertainty to starting and running a successful marketing consultancy
  • Handling Adversity: How to make setbacks your “professor” rather than your “oppressor”
  • Life Transitions: The transition from starving artist to finding success in the business world
  • His Book: Why he thinks people will be inspired by his book, Finding Your EDGE: How to Unlock Your Talent & Purpose
  • Entrepreneurship: How he started his business, Ampla Marketing
  • Self-Help: Finding his purpose by following his dream
  • Job Loss Tips: His experience applying to 582 jobs without securing employment
  • Music: 80s and 90s Hip-Hop albums


For podcast or interview requests, please reach out via the Contact page. 


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