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5 Areas of Life Balance You Need Right Now

personal development Jul 05, 2017

Life is a tightrope, a thin line that forms the edges of achievement and failure. And though you can’t see it, gravity is the always-present factor working to keep you grounded. It’s up to your ability to focus on your goal, your steps, and your balance that determine your success.

The most courageous and determined will find success in walking it. The careless and distracted will fall.

We all know what happens to tightrope walkers that lose their balance. If you’re lucky, there will be a net to catch you, allowing another opportunity to get up and try again. The next time you attempt to walk it, you take the learning from the last fall, and try your best to do better. You walk with more caution. You focus harder on your steps. You slow down and recognize that without balance, you will fall again.

As I’ve researched different leaders and examined my own life, I’ve discovered 5 areas of our lives that require balance in order to experience true happiness and fulfillment. Just as walking a tightrope is not inherent, so is the case with naturally disciplining yourself in these 5 areas. I call these The Five Forces of Balance:

Force 1: Family

Family can look like many different things based on your upbringing. This could be your biological family, close circle of friends, or others that love and accept you as family. If you have a spouse and/or children, how good is your relationship with them? How are you fulfilling your role and responsibilities in the household? How are you affirming love inside the walls of your home? If you’re single with no children, how connected are you with those you consider family?

Force 2: Professional

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, working professional, or student, this force is about how you make a living. Are you satisfied with your work? Are you able to continue growing your skill set? Is your relationship with your co-workers, supervisor, or associates a positive one or is it caustic? Are you a workaholic, and it’s taking you away from other important areas of your life that are important?

Force 3: Health

Health encompasses several facets including diet, exercise, rest, and mental health. What you put into your body does matter, as does the amount of activity your body gets. What your mind consumes and processes matters as well. How are you taking care of your physical and mental health?

Force 4: Spiritual

Spirituality in this sense spans beyond religion. It’s an important force in your life that shapes your values, humility, purpose, treatment of others, treatment of self, and acknowledges a power beyond what you are personally capable of generating. When you’re not as connected spiritually, how have you noticed that impacting other areas of your life?

Force 5: Personal

The last force is all about you. You have goals and aspirations. You need some “me time” and vacations every now and then. Take some time to develop your hobbies. Are you working towards those things, or are the other forces in life taking up all your time? Another facet of this force is your personal finances and how management of those can impact you in different ways. For example, you could be withdrawn from other areas of your life because of your financial situation (good or bad). Don’t lose yourself because you’re not taking time for yourself.

I believe that as you become more aware of the Five Forces of Balance in your own life, you begin to live with more intent. This awareness makes it possible to devote time and energy to each area and reach success in ways you’ve never experienced. As a result, you’ll have more fruitful relationships, gain confidence in yourself, and begin to walk in your purpose.

If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into The Five Forces of Balance, l offer an online course called The Talent & Purpose Accelerator. The course walks you through each force, and shows you how to set goals and track your success within each of these five forces. Learn more about the course here.

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