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7 Free Ways to Promote Facebook Fundraisers

fundraising nonprofit Aug 24, 2020

Birthdays. Everybody has one. Every one of your donors has one. Asking for gifts for your birthday? Nah, that’s so 2016. What’s in now is using your birthday to raise money for nonprofits. That’s cool. Facebook makes it really easy to do this with Facebook Fundraisers, and it’s time for your nonprofit to get on board.

According to the M+R Benchmark report, Facebook generated 3.5% of all digital fundraising in 2019, and I see this only increasing in years to come. It’s one thing to set up your nonprofit with Facebook’s social good tools, it’s another to ensure your donors and advocates know about it. Let’s look at 5 free ways you can do this and help generate incremental revenue for your nonprofit.

  1. Announcement Email – Once you’re set up and ready to go with Facebook Fundraisers, send an email to your subscribers to let them know. Since many of these people are likely already your donors, share with them why it’s important and how they can help advocate for you.
  2. Birthday Email – If you know the birthdays (and email addresses) of the people on your donor or email file, send them a birthday email. In this email, you can wish them a happy birthday and use this as a time to ask them to help raise money for you on his or her birthday. Include directions on how to do it and a call-to-action button or link that points to your Facebook page.
  3. Social Media Posts – Whether on Facebook or other social media sites, you’ll want to 1) announce that people can set up fundraisers for your organization on Facebook and 2) remind people that they can help you fundraise on Facebook. I’d even recommend that you work into your social media calendar that you make at least 1 post a month promoting the use of Facebook Fundraisers. This could be as simple as a post on the 1st of each month, wishing a happy birthday to people who have a birthday that month, and ask them to raise money for you on their birthday.
  4. Website Page – Create a page on your website about Facebook Fundraisers. This page should talk about what it is, why it’s important, and instructions on how to do it. Include screenshots if possible. You can use this webpage as a “learn more” information page if people want to further understand Facebook Fundraisers. Include a call to action on this page to “Get Started,” which takes them to your Facebook page.
  5. Website Pop-Up – Include a pop-up (sometimes called lightboxes) on different pages of your website that promote Facebook Fundraisers. Keep it to a birthday theme by including text like, “Remember (name of your nonprofit) on your birthday and help raise money with a Facebook Fundraiser.” Include a button that takes them to your Facebook page or the Facebook Fundraiser information page on your website.
  6. Direct Mail – In your direct mail newsletter, or other non-fundraising direct mail pieces, include information about Facebook Fundraisers. Make sure you add a URL to your Facebook Fundraiser information page on your website. Similar to how you can post each month on social media about that month’s birthdays, this may be an opportunity for you to wish your direct mail audience happy birthday and promote their fundraising advocacy on their birthday.
  7. Your Employees – There’s no better place than your own organization to start raising money with Facebook Fundraisers than your own employees. After all, it’s better when you can walk the talk that you’re asking others to do. Make it contest within your organization to see who can raise the most money that month for each month’s birthdays. Have fun with it!

 As you can see, just having a Facebook Fundraiser is one thing, but promoting it is another. These free, easy ways can help your nonprofit generate thousands of additional dollars each year without costing you anything but a little bit of time. M+R’s Benchmark report mentioned that the average fundraiser generated $180 in 2019. Imagine just 5 people participating in a Facebook Fundraiser each month, that would equate to $10,800 a year for your nonprofit. If you 10X that, then you’re looking at $108,000 a year. This is completely possible but takes some diligence on your behalf.

Your turn – have you tried these or other tips to promote your Facebook Fundraisers? What were your results?

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