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5 Proven Tactics That Encourage Nonprofit Monthly Giving

fundraising Jun 25, 2021

Let's talk about the importance of establishing a monthly giving program for your nonprofit. 

Many nonprofits rely on seasonal fundraising efforts for revenue. While these can be successful, they don't provide the same reliable income as nonprofit monthly giving. A program like this takes a little more effort, but it's a great way to sustain your organization and enact long-term plans.  


1. Create and Brand a Monthly Program

One of the best ways to encourage monthly giving is with a distinctly branded program. This helps donors feel they're part of something special and emphasizes your organization's efforts. For example, charity:water calls their monthly donor program "Pipeline." Choose a name that aligns with your organization's broader goals for easy recognition.

Leverage this program with its own page on your website. Post photos of your current monthly donors with their names and testimonials to build a sense of community and encourages others to join. Add impact with a sentence like, "By joining, you'll be our program's xxx member."

2. Speak to Donors in Their Language

It's important you explain to donors why their monthly contribution is necessary, and you can do this is by showing the impact of recurring gifts. Team Rubicon, an emergency response team, does this to great effect by showing how they use different levels of recurring gifts. For instance:

  • $5 per month buys PPE for a volunteer
  • $10 per month buys incident management training for a volunteer
  • $50 per month deploys a strike team

Take a look at your own needs and tie specific gifting amounts with achievements, like Team Rubicon does. Or, if you already do this, break down the monthly donation into what it costs per day, such as $.50 or $1. This helps frame in donors' minds how affordable the overall gift really is.

3. Add Value to Monthly Gifting

Most nonprofit organizations ask for monetary gifts without directly impacting donors' day-to-day lives. One way to influence monthly donations, therefore, is to link them with extra value. For instance, many organizations offer small but regular surprise gifts to recurring donors. 
You can also deliver monthly videos and photos that show your work or send regular letters from the CEO. A monthly digital newsletter that incorporates both of these elements can be especially powerful.

4. Call Attention to Your Current Monthly Givers

As you're attracting new monthly donors, you also need to acknowledge those already participating in your program. This starts with a simple thank you sent as soon as they register. 
In addition, create a "wall of fame" on your website listing the names of your recurring donors, and call out individual members on social media. Acts like this will ensure donors feel appreciated and encourage them to continue gifting.


5. Promote Your Monthly Program

Let others know about your campaign by promoting it on social media and your blog. Also, make it easy for donors to join with an online membership form. And on your website, add eye-catching calls to action for monthly donations. The greater your program's visibility, the more likely people will be to join.

A well-developed monthly giving program builds a community of engaged donors and provides your organizations with reliable revenue. 

Got any tips about establishing a monthly giving program? Share them below!

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