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5 Signs that You are Stuck in Life

personal development Jul 30, 2017

It happens to the best of us.

One day, you wake up and go through your day and realize that it seems just like the day before. And the day before that. And the day before that. In fact, you recognize that you’ve been kinda walking on this treadmill pattern of life. Taking steps every day, but advancing nowhere. Just going through the motions. You wake up, hop on the treadmill, and check out. Are you feeling like that? If so, here are 5 signs that you may be S.T.U.C.K. right now in life:

Struggling — Struggles can take many shapes. Let’s identify struggling as an ongoing hardship or difficulty. This could be anything from a bad relationship, ongoing difficulty or uncertainty at work, financial setbacks, or anything else that is an ever-present obstacle that’s hindering your forward motion in life. It’s like walking around with your shoelaces tied together. You can get where you’re going, but it’s going to take longer and with more difficulty.

Treading Water — This is just like it sounds, you’re getting up and moving each day in life, but this movement really just keeps you afloat. There’s little advancement, and you’re only an action away from sinking into setback. Treading water takes action, but that action gets you nowhere. You can take that same effort of activity and direct it towards something that will advance you forward. What’s stopping you?

Uninspired — You may have a lot of passion, but not putting it to use in or outside of work. At work, your job is serving the purpose of helping you get by and paying the bills, but it doesn’t activate your talents or passion. This could be from a lack of leadership, or you might just be bored with your role. Lack of inspiration may also come from not recognizing how you’re making an impact; therefore, you lack motivation to put forth extra effort (or any effort).

Complacent — You’ve been going through life so long on the treadmill that you don’t even notice you’re on it. Somewhere down the line, you lost a spark that you once had and either consciously or subconsciously settled. Complacency is the silent killer of your potential and impact. It settles in, and before you know it, your talent is put in a vault and tucked away in life’s locker room while you hit the treadmill and waste away. You can do what you do with your eyes closed and are no longer challenged.

Knocked Down — You’ve suffered a setback or loss that could be personal or professional in nature. This setback has become the focal point of your life, and while it’s important to honor the setback, and move forward, your thoughts and actions continue to return to the setback. The setback has arrested your life, and sometimes we haven’t given ourselves permission to move on.

If you read one of these and said to yourself “oh, that’s me,” then you might be S.T.U.C.K. in life at this moment. So, now that you realized this about yourself, what do you do about it? I’ll help you answer that in my next blog where I’ll uncover tips to help get un-S.T.U.C.K.

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