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6 Ways Nonprofits Can Engage Donors Through Live Video on Social Media

fundraising nonprofit Jul 31, 2019

It’s a fun, sick, and fascinating world we live in when it comes to social media. We get to hear rants we didn’t ask for from our friends and public figures. We get to watch funny or heart-warming videos that make our eyes well up with tears. And, thanks to Snapchat filters, we can finally fulfill our childhood dreams of becoming unicorns that throw up rainbows out of our mouths.

As social media has advanced the past few years, it’s been interesting to observe how nonprofits are embracing different features as they become available. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube allow you to connect with your donors in real-time through live-video streaming. The following excerpt from my book, The Digital Fundraising Blueprint, talks a little bit about the benefits of this under-utilized feature and provides 6 use-cases that can help your nonprofit engage with donors:

“One of the newer features available on most social media platforms is the ability to livestream video. Just like it sounds, this is video shot on the spot without any editing. Effective marketing is rooted in authenticity, and it doesn’t get more authentic than a live video that may include mess-ups, stuttered speech, or anything else that would be less than an ideal, polished video. At the same time, the viewer of a live video gets to see a story or news unfold at the exact time it occurs, leaving a feeling of exclusivity.

I’ve seen a few nonprofits embrace live video, and it’s really exciting when done right. Think about how you can use it for your organization — even for fundraising. Make it a goal this year to implement live streaming at least once. Here’s a shortlist of ideas to get your brain stirring:

  1. Major organization announcements like a new corporate sponsorship or celebrity endorsement (especially if the celebrity is live with you)
  2. Giving Tuesday (or other giving day) “command center” that provides donation updates throughout the day
  3. 24-hour (or longer) fundraising marathon where your staff or organization is live until $X amount of money is raised
  4. Walkthroughs of hospitals, animal shelters, disaster relief warehouses, food kitchens, or other physical locations where services and impact take place (make sure you get consent from others before featuring on video)
  5. Exclusive interviews with organizational leadership or individuals helped by your services
  6. Use at live events such as a 5K, gala, or other event

Once live video is recorded, most platforms allow you to save that video, which can become a great piece of content for your library”


Let’s start a convo in the comments below, so we can help other nonprofits use live-video to engage their donors. How have you used live-streaming on social media to increase the impact of your nonprofit?

(Note: If you found this book excerpt useful, there’s tons more tips about email, social media, website content, digital media and more in The Digital Fundraising Blueprint, available in paperback and e-book on Amazon)


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