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The Difference Between Passion & Purpose

personal development Aug 22, 2017

Passion = What’s so meaningful to you that you crave it and become enthusiastic about it; an inward impact

Purpose = What you were put on this earth to do; an outward impact

It’s happened to me, and I’ve seen it happen to people around me. We confuse something that’s a passion and believe it’s our purpose. Because we are unconsciously selfish and consumed with our passion, we automatically think that this must be what we were put on earth to do. For example, I have a passion for traveling and seeing the world, so my purpose must be to become a travel blogger, right? Maybe not.

Many Passions, One Purpose

The thing is, we can have many passions throughout our lives, but our purpose is singular. Our purpose is the result of what we do in this world to accomplish God’s vision for our life. People ask open-ended questions like “what are you passionate about?” This can have one or multiple answers. People don’t ask “what are your purposes in life?” It’s always singular. It’s the mission that you are set out to accomplish.

The Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is where passion and purpose align. For example, you have a passion for helping children in impoverished countries and your purpose is to help eradicate disease and famine in impoverished countries. It fulfills your internal impact and maximizes your outward impact. And though this may be the case, it still takes action on your part to fulfill your purpose. For example, if your passion and purpose are to help impoverished children, but you do nothing about it, then your purpose is left out to dry like wet clothes. Purpose takes action.

When Your Passion Isn’t Your Purpose

Most people are aware of their passions, but few are aware of their purpose. This is why people confuse passion with purpose so often as I’ve done in the past as well. It took a long road, spurred out of one of my passions to help me realize that my passion was not my purpose. I grew, learned, evolved, and developed new passions. One of which became my purpose.

If you’re not living your purpose, it’s likely you’re spending a lot of time with your passions instead. So, what do you do when your passion isn’t your purpose? I’ll explore that in my next blog. Stay tuned….

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