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Today, You Woke Up (with video)

May 19, 2019

Today, you woke up. Some people didn’t.

You got dressed, did your normal routine…probably used some means of transportation to get to school or work. The day is regular, status quo.

For you, that status quo may mean happiness, complacency, depression, or somewhere in between the three. But either way, you woke up today. You’re alive. You’re here for a reason.

You see, as you reflect on life, there’s a series of last times that have occurred or will take place. There is a last time you saw or talked to that friend or relative that passed away. A last time you played in the street as a kid with your friends. A last time you finished a grade level and never stepped foot in that school again. A last time you put on that uniform with your teammates or service men and women. A last time you celebrate a holiday.

There will be a last time you exhale air from your lungs. For some, that day will be today.

But today, you woke up. You have this moment. You have before you a field of choices ready to be harvested. You can choose happiness. You can choose confidence. Kindness. Perseverance. Impact. Make these choices not based on your current circumstances, but based on the version of you that is unstoppable.

Today, you woke up. But one day, you won’t. What will you have left behind? What legacy did you build? Who benefitted from your actions and choices? Will even one person gain from your talents, or will the weapons of shame, fear, and passivity mute your impact? You have a purpose. What will you do while you’re here?

Today, you woke up. Let this be the day you WAKE UP and RECOGNIZEwho you really are.

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